How Influencer Tweets Drive Consumer Purchase Decisions #INFOGRAPHIC

The next phase of influencer marketing is emerging. As a growing number of brands are beginning to understand and leverage the fact that one of the most effective and efficient ways to gain traction is via the people who already have an engaged social audience. While celebrities and athletes remain great amplifiers for brands messaging and content. The emerging next generation of social media influencers are building their own celebrity status among younger users who don’t affiliate stardom with a particular medium. Which is typically a more traditional reflection of relative fame and influence.

Twitter partnered with data analytics provider Annalect to survey more than 800 Twitter users on their receptiveness to influencers. Showing the power of social influencer marketing on Twitter.

  • 49% relied on influencers for product recommendation, second only to Tweets from friends at 56%.
  • People exposed to brand Tweets had a 2.7x lift in purchase intent over participants who didn’t see an advertiser Tweet, but those exposed to a campaign that featured both brand and influencer Tweets had a 5.2x increase.
  • 1/3 of Twitters Millennial users (aged 13 to 24) report following Vine creators on Twitter
Twitter influencers drive purchase intent.